Friends Vision Team
The Friends Vision team consists of a group of volunteers from all around the world who met in 2007 and shared life changing experiences while working at children's rescue centers in Kenya.

In 2009, after many trips back to visit our children, we decided to form a charity to help send our kids to school and to build a real home for them filled with love, care and education. Our children have gone through such hardships in their short lives and we felt the least we could do is help give them some peace, and a chance at life.

Meet our members below!!

Board of Directors

Jannah Currie, Australia

I have been visiting Kenya since 2007. I spend most of my time in Kenya volunteering at Childrens Rescue Centers, helping with the day to day activities. Since my first visit, I have wanted to do something worthwhile for the beautiful children I meet along the way, so with some volunteers I had meet, we decided to take on a huge responsiblitiy of starting our own Children's Home and sponsorship program, with the help and support of friends, family and many others. I'm orginally from Coffs Harbour, NSW and am currently living in Darwin, NT working with asylum seekers in detention while studing a Bachelor of Humanitrian and Communty Studies at Charles Darwin University.


Cheryl Buynak, USA

Little did I know how much my life would change when I boarded my flight in Phoenix to head to my volunteer trip at Nairobi Children’s Home in August 2007.  This was a trip of a lifetime in which extraordinary relationships were created- Peris, Jannah and the amazing children that I met especially Rachael and Nickolus, my kids. I discovered where my heart lies- Kenya and my passion to make a difference, build a home. A home for the children that touched my heart and that taught me the life lessons of hope, perseverance and unconditional love.  It was the start of a beautiful journey with the most unselfish group of people I know that have opened their hearts and minds to build a home, not a house but a home that is rooted in love and family for these children.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I am currently enjoying life in Dubai.


Committee Members

Marika Koulas, Canada
Brian Weiner, USA
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