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Welcome to Friends Vision Sponsorship program.

Please fill out the required fields on our sponsorship form below and be sure to note your preferred child's name and the monthly fees you have chosen. Please make sure you read our sponsorship terms and conditions at the bottom of the page fully before you begin your sponsorship with Friends Vision. Thank you for helping a child in need and giving them a chance in life!
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Sponsorship Terms & Conditions:
Please ensure the following terms and conditions are met or your Friends Vision sponsorship might be forced to be withdrawn. Please ensure you have the appropriate fees in your bank each month as they are automatically drawn by our service provider. If your monthly fee is rejected more than three times in a row then your sponsorship might be withdrawn and a late fee charged to your account. Please be aware that at times our children are reunited with their families or relatives. In the rare cases that this occurs we continue to provide sponsorship for that child if the caretakers agree to our terms and conditions. At no point will the caretakers receive any funds from Friends Vision but we continue to pay for their school fees as normal. The fees of our sponsorship program may be subject to change.

By clicking the box above you agree that you have read and fully understand our terms and conditions. You also understand that these terms and conditions may change as new policies are instated into the program.

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