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        Friends Vision Team
        Our Vision and Goals
        December 2018 Update
        March 2018 Update
        2015 News Update
        2013 News Update
        We Have the Land!!!
        December 2012 Update
        Our Directors Interview
        February Quarterly Newsletter
        Christmas Appeal 2011
        October 2011 Update
        Ken-ya Come Together
        We will be a hummingbird......
        May 2011 Update
        Fund 'RAISE THE ROOF' for the Kids
        A Small Act Fundraising Event
        Out of Africa 3
        Fundraiser in Melbourne
        Jenny Martinez's Interview
        African Fundraiser Night!!!!
        Sponsorship Information
                Sponsorship Information
        Apply Now!!
                Apply Now!
        Pay for Child Sponsorship
                Pay for Child Sponsorship
        Volunteer Information
                Volunteer Programs
                What to Expect
                Why Volunteer with Friends Vision
                Volunteer Testimonals
        Volunteer Prices
                International Volunteers
                In-Country International Volunteers
                Kenyan Volunteers
                Why Pay to Volunteer?
                Legal Terms and Conditions
        Photo Gallery
                Photo Gallery
        Apply Now!
                Apply Now!
                Pay for Your Volunteer Placement
        Christmas Appeal
                Christmas Appeal 2019
        Sponsor a Child
                Sponsor a Child
        Hold a Fundraiser
                Fundraising Ideas
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