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Christmas Appeal 2011
Friends Visions Christmas Appeal 2011 raised over $2000 to put towards parties for over 200 children in rescue centers on the 23rd and 25th of December and to help build our children's home.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Jonathan Zuchowski for his very generous donation, Brit Garcia for asking her friends to donate to Friends Vision in lieu of birthday presents, Tracy and Paul Herring and to an anonymous donor who donated $600.

Both Christmas parties were a great success. The girls center enjoyed a brand new sound system, a small feast and a program full of games and entertainment by Friends Vision members. The boys home welcomed 86 pairs of new shoes, a huge water fight, a feast and local DJs and musicians put on a great show for the kids. The festivities ran into the late evening and was enjoyed by everyone!! Check out the photos from the parties on our Facebook page. Thank you all for your donations. We couldn't have done it with you. 

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