May 2011 Update
Sorry it has been a while between updates - it has been a very busy year!

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and if you haven’t already ‘liked’ our new official Facebook page you can do so by going to carry on your support of Friends Vision.

Child Sponsorship Program

Our kids love their new schools at Lizar Junior School in Naivasha and Gacio Junior Academy in Nairobi.  All have excelled in their studies and are doing so well. Two of our kids, Jimmy Odera and Peter Mundia received the most improved awards in their grade and were very proud.  We now have 28 kids in school, but there are so many more that are in need of sponsorship.  If you think you can spare just $40 per month to send an underprivileged child to school, we are ready for your support.  All you need to do is visit our website and fill out our online sponsorship form to begin.  All information on sponsoring is available under the child sponsorship section on the website.


We have met with builders around Kenya to get quotes and designs for our children’s home.  We have lots of ideas on the go, but we are still waiting to finalise some details and raise some more funds before we start building.  Most of our board members will be in Kenya for Christmas with the kids this year and we plan on starting our build then.  We have $14,000 raised so far, but are heading for a goal of $20,000 before we start, so we are always collecting donations for this. You can help support our children’s home, by donating through our website.  100% of your donation goes towards our children’s home, every little bit helps us get that little bit close to achieving our goal.


We would like to say a huge thank you to our member Marika Koulas and her friends in Canada who have run four fundraisers this year making over $10,000!! It’s an amazing effort, thank you to everyone that attended and gave generously.  There will be more fundraiser around the world this year to continue to gain the funds we need to make a home for our children.  If anybody is interested in holding a fundraiser for Friends Vision you can set up your own appeal page at . All you have to do is choose Friends Vision as your charity you wish to support and you’re ready.  Anyone can join up for any event; from marathons and triathlons to dinner parties and gatherings, it’s a fun easy way to support our cause.

General information

As most of you know Friends Vision is run entirely by committed volunteers from around the world who have been working tirelessly on new programs every spare moment we get.   We have a developing volunteer program that will be up and running in the coming weeks once we finalise some of the remaining details.  The program allows international volunteers to experience what Kenya really has to offer.   Friends Vision volunteer program is combination of our grassroots efforts and working with our partner organizations around Kenya. The goal of our program is for each volunteer to feel what working for a brighter tomorrow means to them. Whether it is lending their skills for construction, working in medical clinics, teaching or simply giving hugs, each volunteer makes a difference in the lives of the children of Kenya.  We have meet with several organizations in Naivasha and other parts of Kenya who are ready to take our volunteers.  We have a volunteer house in Naivasha complete with our lovely house mum Ann, so once the final (legal) details are finalised I will add the program to our website, so keep an eye out if you are interested in having the experience of a lifetime and making a difference at the same time.   On this note, Friends Vision is in search of a lawyer who can help us dot our i’s and cross our t’s.  We need someone to look over our sponsorship, volunteer and children’s home programs to make sure we meet the requirements.  If anybody knows anyone who might be able to provide us with assistance please let me know at And finally we have our own PO Box address in Kenya where people can now send over any pre-loved or new clothing, medical supplies, books, activities and educational material etc.  We are accepting anything you think will we can use in our children’s home.  Clothing and medical supplies are the priority, but we will happily accept any kind donations for our home.  Sponsors can also use this address to write letters and send photos to their children.

The address is: Attention: Peris Mwangi, Friends Vision, PO Box 1624, Naivasha, 20117, Kenya.

Thanks again for your continued support - we couldn’t do any of this without you. 

Cheers, Jannah Currie - Director Friends Vision


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