We Have the Land!!!
Hey all, I have some great news. We have brought a 3 acre plot of land in the town of Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley. It has beautiful views and is surrounded by lush green hills, a volcano, a lake and zebras! In the next two weeks we will start fencing the property and will start growing crab-apple and bougainvillea to interweave around the fence. We will also start growing some crops and plant some fruit trees before the wet season starts. We are working on the design for the home. It should be ready for viewing in the next month.
The actual building of the home will not start until we have enough funds in the bank. The next target is US$20,000, before any building will start.

Our next goal is to get registered as a charitable organisation, so we will be able to offer tax deductibility on all donations and extend our clientele to major companies.

It has been a very successful trip for me. In my 3 months in Kenya we turned this dream into a reality. We created a group of supporters and a management team that will run the organisation once it is up and going. We have brought land and gotten 15 needy children into school. I am in the process of adding their profiles onto our website. We also have added more children in need of sponsoring, so if you are interested check out the site www.fvch.org for more information. We would also like to welcome some new members to our committee; Brian and Amy Weiner from the US and Raina Wolfe-Stein also from the US, who will be here helping out over the next two months. I will be heading back home in 4 days to start my uni and continue with fundraising.

Everybody at Friends Vision would like to say thank you to everyone for your support. You are helping us achieve our dreams of helping these beautiful children. None of this is possible without you.
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