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Farming and Agriculture
Self-sustainability is one of our main aim at Friends Vision. Having sustainable projects will ensure the success of our organisation for many years to come. You can become involved in helping us to achieve this goal by purchasing one of the products below and generate income and employment opportunities for people in need.
Friends Vision owns 3 acres of land just outside Naivasha town, which we plan to build our children's homes on in the close future. While we continue our fundraising effects to build these homes, we have began small sustainable projects to help us become fully self-sufficient in the future and move away from relaying on donations. These projects include farming our land to produce good quality crops we can sell at the local market, creating fruit orchards, and breeding animals to sell and live off in the future. By purchasing one of the products below you can help us on the road to becoming self-sustainable and have access to fresh food for our children to grow up happy and healthy.
Fencing hedge
Our first aim is to ensure our land becomes secure and safe, both for the people living there and for our supplies, crops and animals. To do this we are planting hedging plants of Bonganvilla and Kei Apple that will grow thick and strong enough to protect our needs and maintain our privacy. We need around 6000 seedlings to be able to plant around our whole fence line and complete this project. You can make your purchase below to help us being this step towards a safe home environment.
Hedge Plants
Fruit Orchard
We have dedicated 1/2 acre to growing fruit trees to both provide shade and generate a sustainable enterprise for Friends Vision. We will be planting mango, avocado, orange, lemon, cashew and banana trees in fruit orchards and selling the produce at local market places, restaurants and café, plus giving our children fresh healthy produce for their growing bodies to become strong. If you order 5 or more fruit trees we will engrave your name on a plaque to be placed next to your trees as a thank you from Friends Vision and our children.
Fruit Trees
Vegetable Crops
Growing vegetables will both enable us to give our children a fresh healthy diet and generate income for our sustainability. We intend to grow maize, potatoes, yams, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, cabbages and other produce that grows well in the area. Vegetable are an essential part of the Kenyan diet, so having plenty of fresh produce to utilize will help benefit our projects in many ways.
Vegetable Crops
Farm animals generate both good income and employment opportunities for local staff and our children. By purchasing a animal for our land you will be allowing us to expand into new areas of self-sustainability. Goats can be used for their milk and meat. Pigs are great investments to grow and sell when they are at the right age/size. Diary cows generate excellent quality milk to help keep the children strong and can be sold on the market as well. Chickens again are a great investment to generate income for Friends Vision. Each chicken sold can have a profit of $5 and when we sell in bulk we stand to make $2000 every 2 months for an excellent investment. If you are wanting to purchase any other type of farm animal for Friends Vision, just email us to make arrangements that suit you needs.
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