Welcome to Friends Vision
'To the lost and unloved,
to the alone and left,
to the crying faces & wailing souls,
your bravery gives me hope,
your smile gives me strength,
your song gives me life,
you are in my heart'

A poem for the children, by David McGrath


Friends Vision is a registered Non-Government Organisation formed by a group of diverse people from all over the world who came together in Kenya to volunteer at a children’s home - and their lives were forever changed.

 Their experience became the foundation for a sponsorship program which builds support networks for each child through education, life-skill training and mentorship empowering them to recognise and reach their potential in life. This program works collaboratively with each child and the communities surrounding them to generate stability, safety and security in the ever changing environment around them.   

 We have many other incredible projects we are working on within Friends Vision to generate a sustainable future our programs and the children and communities we work together with.

 If you'd like to know how to get involved, or to learn more information on any of our programs, please feel free to contact us!

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