Why Volunteer with Friends Vision
Need to know more about why you should choose Friends Vision?? Let us help.

The adventure of a lifetime is just a click away.

We are Grassroots

Friends Vision is a grassroots organization, created by a group of former global volunteers, that is built on the foundation of supporting local communities in Kenya. We started Friends Vision with the sole purpose of directly helping educate orphaned children, building homes, creating opportunities and helping communities.

We wanted to bring awareness, international support and financial stability to our organization
s projects as well as developing organizations within our communities, so we decided to start our own volunteer program.

Our volunteer program has the very same added benefits, ease and organization as the big for-profit volunteer companies, with the exception that we are 100% not-for-profit. Your costs directly go towards our expenses, the growth of our projects, community development, building homes and so much more.


We are Inexpensive

We know the ins and outs of working with for-profit volunteer companies. After spending all that money to volunteer abroad, and after seeing such incredible poverty, we were appalled how little was (and still is) donated to the local volunteer placement programs.

On a per week basis, the cost of our volunteer program is less expensive than the average cost of living in Europe, the US and Australia. Our volunteer program includes safe and comfortable lodging, two included meals per day, orientation, volunteer placement and much more.

s simple. You volunteer. You gain amazing life experiences and adventures at a fraction of the cost to work with the big for-profit volunteer companies. You make personal, significant contributions to a global community. You come home feeling accomplished and satisfied that 100% of your cost is going back into the organization itself - and back to Kenya. You've done great work.

We have Real Experiences

Over the years, we have developed close relationships with other organizations throughout Kenya and it is our goal to get them the international support that they need as well. Based on your volunteer program selection, you will have the opportunity to help our Friends Vision projects directly or help our local, partner organizations.

You can share your knowledge and experience with the people of Kenya and help develop sustainable, global communities.

We have a wide selection of volunteer opportunities - and therefore, something for everyone. Take your skills to the road and make a significant impact on your world today.

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